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Color Museum is a new experimental, holder-curated market for digital art and collectibles accompanied by a gift shop offering physical derivatives.

Trading of digital assets is peer to peer and non-custodial—users are always in control of their assets.

Built on 0x Protocol's audited and verified v4 NFT contracts, and deployed on Ethereum mainnet; beating or meeting the gas efficiency set by OpenSea’s SeaPort protocol.

Market infrastructure is live with open trading of our Genesis Collection: the Color NFT by Color Museum Collection.

Transaction revenues from market activities are distributed to Color NFT holders based on the novel Color Yield mechanism.

The Museum is curated by Color NFT holders:

  • minting of Color NFTs is unlocked by PIN codes shared by holders
  • publishing artists are invited to the Artist Registry by holders

Creator royalties are always respected.

ContractMainnet Address
Color NFT by Color Museum Collection0xcf12413f738ad3a14b9810ba5f86e59fcd9baadf
0x Protocol v4 ERC721OrdersFeature0x8b56607D0635b1B0C36ba1786b028200f1D68767

This whitepaper is a work in progress as we request comment from community and iterate through market feedback.

Written and maintained by Omar Farooq (, Founding Curator.

Last edited on Wednesday, December 7 3:32 AM Eastern Standard Time.