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Through the Curated Collection, the Color Museum intends to collaborate with artists and organizations to bring new, impactful digital art and companion physicals to market.‚Äč

We aim to celebrate art and artist, emerging and established; with artist profiles and collaborative marketing campaigns with each addition to the Curated Collection.

Artists eligible to publish into the Curated Collection are curated by Color NFT holders through a voting process, described in the Artist Curation section.

The Curated Collection forms the test bed for our digital-physical symbiotic distribution model via the Gift Shop. It will also demonstrate and be the first source of Color Yield from file based artwork.

Types of generative and manual visual art include but are not limited to: pixel, AI, 3D, photography, avatars, and digital painting across unbounded genres and subjects.

Sub-collection formats include 1 of 1s, series, and editions.