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Preseed Mint

The Color Museum's initial funding of $72K is from the founding curator, Omar Farooq.

Earlier in Q1 of 2022, we conducted a sale of 600 Color NFTs, raising a total of 181 ETH from 356 collectors at an average price of 0.33 ETH per color. Adjusted for historical ETH-USD pricing, minters paid up to $1,200 to mint a color for a total of $350K in net proceeds.


During the preseed mint the following Color NFT minting strategies were observed:

  • Personalizing the mint by choosing one's favorite color. This one is obvious.
  • Minting colors used in popular NFT collections: NFT No. 14: Bored Grey, 19: Bored Ape Biege, 26: Punk Blue, 27: Punk Violet, 29: Punk Red follow this pattern.
  • Minting colors with legible hexadecimals:


  • Combo breaker: minting colors with a combination of legible hexadecimals, and an ENS name with emojis in it.
  • Minting the colors at the edges of the colorspace: these include #FF30000 (NFT No. 22) and #FDFF00 (NFT No. 24).
  • Minting popularly known colors that are public domain.

We expect to continue to see new strategies and behaviors form as more colors are minted and will post findings.

For analysts, attached is an Etherscan export of Color NFT Preseed Mint data: