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How To Trade Colors

The following is a product walkthrough of current market functionalities in BETA Version 1.1.0.

User experience and user interface is subject to change through iteration from analytics and feedback.

To trade the Color NFT Collection, navigate to the collection's gallery at

How to view your Color NFT Palette:

To see the Color NFTs that you own, connect your Ethereum wallet that holds your Color NFTs, then click 'Filter' on the gallery page and toggle the 'My Palette' option.


Note: You can connect a wallet from any page on Color Museum by clicking the Menu button in the top left corner and then clicking the Connect Wallet button.

How to list a Color NFT for sale:

Click on the color that you own that you wish to list for sale, this will take you to the individual Color NFT page.


If you have a wallet connected to Color Museum and your connected Ethereum address owns the particular color you are viewing, you will see a green 'Sell' button. Click this to bring up the Sell Offer options.

Enter your desired price, and set a deadline for when this offer will automatically expire.

While we recommend choosing native ETH for your payout currency, you can also receive payment from the buyer in WETH, USDC, USDT or DAI.

Click Make and finalize by signing the offer to sell with your wallet. As sell orders are stored offchain in our Orderbook server, no gas is spent.

Note: To cancel an existing sale listing an onchain transaction is required. Creating a new sale listing does not automatically negate a standing offer.

How to purchase listed Color NFTs:

If a Color NFT is listed for sale, on the Color NFT gallery page it will appear with a price, buy button and expiry data.


After clicking on the Buy button, you will see the Accept Offer screen which contains a 'Purchase Now' button that will trigger your Ethereum wallet to complete the transaction and exchange of color and currency.


How to post an offer to buy an existing Color NFT:

On the individual Color NFT page, click the 'Make Offer' button to activate the Buy Offer options. Input your bid price and and offer expiry date. Click 'Make' to finalize via your Ethereum wallet.


Note: Bids must be made using WETH, USDC, USDT, or DAI. Cancelling a bid requires an onchain transaction, posting a new bid for the same color will not invalidate a previous bid unless that bid reaches expiry.

How to accept an active bid for your Color NFT:

Under the the Offers section of the individual Color NFT page, all active bids will appear.


Click the green 'Accept' button to be taken to the Accept Bid screen to finalize acceptance onchain.

How to receive order notifications via the website and email:

The notifications and settings icon is visible when an Ethereum wallet is successfully connected.


To view your notifications feed on the website, click the notifications bell icon at the top.

To receive notifications via email, click the settings gear icon at the top and input your email address to enable.

The following 9 cases are configured:

  • Listed: When you list a color for sale.
  • Sold: When a color you have listed for sale is bought.
  • Purchased: When you have bought a color that is listed for sale or your bid was accepted.
  • Bid Placed: When you place a bid on a color.
  • Bid Received: When you receive a bid for color(s) you own.
  • Sell Canceled: When you withdraw a color from sale.
  • Bid Canceled: When you withdraw a bid.
  • Listing Expired: When an active listing to sell a color expires.
  • Bid Expired: When an active bid to purchase a color expires.